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Christian Science Camp B.C. Canada

Upward-bound Programs for Christian Scientists

Discover the Wonder

Camp Leelanau for Boys & Camp Kohahna for Girls

Camps Newfound for Girls & Camp Owatonna for Boys

Campership Fund: Helping needy children


To serve the Cause of Christian Science & mankind by providing resources for the education of Christian Scientists

A campus home away from home for Christian Science College Students

Perceive Then Demonstrate

To foster deeper and more widespread interest in the history of Christian Science

I am the bread of Life…


Injure no man bless all mankind

Christian Science Committee on Publication

Discover a Extraordinary Life. Explore an Amazing World

Media relations for the Christian Science Church

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Clear and correct information on Christian Science


Christian Science on College Campuses

An atmosphere where individuals experience Christian Science in action

Christian Science for Young People


Provide spiritual treatment through prayer that results in healing

People tell how they were healed through the practice and understanding of Christian Science