Christian Science Committee on Publication
for New York State

The Christian Science Committee on Publication for NYS is one of many offices world-wide with the mission to correct impositions on the public through providing accurate information about Christian Science, the Church of Christ, Scientist, and the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy.
The Committee works with all media venues (print, TV, radio, and web) to correct in a factual context any and all reported inaccuracies in regard to Christian Science. It is also engaged in pro active media development to educate the media and the public with relevant and timely accurate information regarding Christian Science practice.
The Committee meets with State Legislators and Agency Officials to correct and request changes to existing or proposed Law that would be an imposition on the practice of Christian Science and to ensure Christian Science inclusion as a public choice in any required health care legislation.
The Committee also works with local Branch Church members, who arrange meetings with local media and Legislators and coordinate Committee on Publication Church talks.

Van Driessen
Christian Science Committee on Publication for New York
Phone: 212-661-3838
Office – 60 W. 57th Street, #10B, New York, NY 10019
Mail – 322 W. 52nd Street #2073, New York, NY 10101-2073