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ChristianScienceUSA is owned, hosted, and managed by GladSoundOutreach.com.  You can learn more about us there.

On February 1st, 2019 James Depagnier, the long-time creator, manager, and host of ChristianScienceNYS and ChristianScienceUSA retired and handed the reins to us. We are very grateful and happy to be able to take over these important domains and work.

James worked tirelessly for years to provide links to each Christian Science church website in the USA — at a time before The Mother Church provided an online lookup for churches, or a listing of a church’s website!  Now that The Mother Church has wonderfully provided this information, a few smaller churches continue to use this domain (ChristianScienceUSA) to host their own church’s website or webpage.  Therefore, we continue to provide this useful service for a small annual fee to any Christian Science church or society who requests it.  We will continue to serve this great cause until this domain is no longer needed.

But for those churches and societies who have no domain/website, this is a great and affordable way to ‘get online!’

This site was established by James to provide information about Christian Science in the United States. ChristianScienceUSA lists churches and organizations by state. We can provide a link to your existing website, or build you a new website which you can host here or on your own domain.

Use the Contact Us form to let us know how we can support your Christian Science church or organization.