How to set up conference calling for your Wednesday Evening testimony meetings…

What you need:

  • An internet connection in the room you hold your meetings
  • A phone to Host the call
  • A free account with

What you can add to greatly improve the experience:

  • A Bluetooth cellphone to Host the call
  • A laptop or computer in the same room as the meeting to run the FreeConferenceCallHD Console. This adds the ability for your callers to hear piped hymns, rather than any acoustic/live music your Church audience is hearing. More importantly, this adds the ability for you to automatically mute the callers so everyone doesn’t hear their dogs barking, and other ambient noise going on in the callers’ homes. Note: you’ll need someone to run the Console during the service. This person also unmutes/remutes each caller as they request to give a testimony.
  • A Braven or Jambox to provide the speaker/microphone to connect to the Bluetooth cellphone. This becomes the speaker so the folks sitting in the Church can hear the callers. This also becomes the microphone for the folks sitting in the Church so that the ones calling in can hear their testimonies.