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Business Links

The business link page is established for church members or church related businesses that have a webpage and it gives them a place to advertise with a link or banner to that page. Some example of businesses are, real estate offices or brokers, lawyers, stores, artists, photographers, auto dealers, online shopping, soloists, organists etc. The website that is not specific to a location like online shopping will be under a general category. Businesses that are local will be listed by state and city or town.
The annual fee is $25.00 subject to approval of the type of business and not an endorsement of the business.
The link can be in the form of text (such as a business card)  with information about the business, location, contact numbers, email etc.  And the url (web address) which will be highlighted and active when clicked on.The link can also be in the form of a banner and can be emailed in the form of a jpg. or html code with the url embedded in the code.
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Contact us at:
James Depagnier/Admin.
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Any website not in a specific state,city or town.